Cost or Quality: Why Our Thinking About Healthcare Spending is All Wrong

Cost or Quality: Why Our Thinking About Healthcare Spending is All Wrong

Do we agree that these are the big problems facing healthcare?

      • Spend is greater yet outcomes the same
      • More complex patient problems, diagnoses, and treatments
      • Best practices are not universally followed
      • Variation in care too too great

Health maintenance organizations, capitated plans, restricted networks, accountable care organizations, all created to manage the cost of care. But is cost the right place to focus? They all were unsuccessful in controlling costs as the U.S. surpasses $4 trillion in healthcare spending. Our focus needs to be on the very same thing that all our other purchases are based – value. Artificial intelligence designed workflow, digital workers, and analytics influenced processes are just some of the ways revolutionary information technology can bridge the value-cost gap. Rather than focus on what we spend on healthcare, we must aim to deliver value and then make choices about how we invest our resources.

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